About Emily

Founder of Headstrong

I am a passionate Personal Trainer focused on women's health and wellness. I'm tired of gyms and programs being geared towards quick fixes, specific body types and negative feedback as motivation. 

I say enough! 

Fitness should be about feeling strong and confidant in your body and figuring out what you like to do so you can see what you are capable of. 

I am a fitness nerd (check out my Credentials Below). I believe in an inter-sectional feminist approach to health and wellness, and my training emphasizes inclusivity and body positivity. I love knitting, cooking and devouring historical fiction. I'm passionate about sharing my health knowledge and helping my sisters to grow strong, happy and healthy.

I want to offer women options for taking charge of their health and fitness, so I work one-on-one in person, in small group settings as well as online. Programs can be created around any experience level, any amount of equipment and any location!

I live in Vancouver, but you can train with me from anywhere in the world! 


Being described as "headstrong" as a woman is often a negative connotation. I also want to challenge that notion. Let's stand up for what we want for our own bodies! No one should tell you what you want and every goal is different. Let me help you reach YOUR goals! 


ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition Lvl 1 Coach

ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Certified Online Trainer

Oh Baby! Pre and Postnatal Fitness Certified

Pronatal™ Fitness Certified

Agatsu Kettlebell Level 1

TRX™ Certified Instructor

Vipr™ Certified Instructor

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