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Hey girl!


Welcome to Headstrong Training, I’m so excited to have you!

My name is Emily and I have made it my mission to help young professional women feel comfortable and confident, not only in the gym but throughout all aspects of their lives.

I am here to help you get strong, feel amazing and carry that feeling forward into your work, your relationships and your favorite activities!


Honey, let’s be honest- it’s tough these days to maintain a healthy self-image. Photoshop is one hell of a drug, and every time we open our phones we see a new Instagram model to compare ourselves with. I want to show you that you can feel amazing and strong no matter where you’re starting from, and that you already have the strength and confidence to feel beautiful at work and in your social life.

The reality is we are all shaped differently, we all have stretch marks, we all have something we aren’t 100% thrilled about, and we all want to feel confident.


We. Are. All. Strong. Let’s prove it to ourselves.




About Me:


I am a fitness nerd (check out my Credentials Below). I believe in an intersectional feminist approach to health and wellness, and my training emphasizes inclusivity and body positivity. I love knitting, cooking and devouring historical fiction. I'm passionate about sharing my health knowledge and helping my sisters to grow strong, happy and healthy.


What is Online Training?

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Sometimes getting the motivation to work out is the hardest part. Receive reminders and nudges to get you out the door

Goal Setting

We will work together to pin down exactly what your goals are in a measurable and time bound manner to make sure you get to them.

Behavior Change

Making one small change at a time has been proven to have better effect than trying to change everything at once. Receive personalized changes to your behaviors to create lasting good habits.  

Customized Fitness Programming

Each fitness plan is customized to you and the goals that we set together. No two programs are the same because no two bodies are the same. check in on the app to see whats on for today, just for you!

Regular check ins and Support 

That's right, I'm not just behind a screen! We will talk one-on-one on a regular basis to ensure that you are getting where you want to be, and having a great time doing it!

Monthly Calendar 

All of your workouts and behavior habits conveniently tracked on your own customized calendar, right on the app!



"Training with Emily not only changed my physique and fitness level, but my outlook on life. Her positive presence always improved my mood and over time I've become a happier person. I'll always be happy to credit her with giving me the confidence and mindset I needed."

— Sophia T.



ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition Lvl 1 Coach

ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Certified Online Trainer

Oh Baby! Pre and Postnatal Fitness Certified

Pronatal™ Fitness Certified

Agatsu Kettlebell Level 1

TRX™ Certified Instructor

Vipr™ Certified Instructor

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